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  • Eco Management Consultants

    Eco Management Consultants (EMC) was established on 14th September 2012 by A. Chanakya Liyanage the first Sri Lankan Architect to obtain the professional qualification as a "Chartered Environmnetalist" form the institute of environmental professionals Sri Lanka (IEPSL) in the year 2011, which was established in 2006 through a cabinet paper (No. 06/1365/222/026 of 12.7.2006) with multi deciplinary background related to environment & sustainable develoipment in the country.

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  • Phylosophy

    My Phylosophy of Architecture has the power to create beautifully effective shelter for needs hopes, dreams and memories of mankind both collectively and individually to the satisfaction of the Client.

    Quality Policy

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    Team Leader

    • Chartered Architect / Project Manager B.Sc. (Built Environment); M.Sc. (ARCH); A.I.A.(SL); ARB No. CA98216; Chartered Member of Royal Institute of British Architects (London) Reg No: 06862362 PG. Dip (Construction Project Management) Member , Institute of Project Managers' Sri Lanka. Member ,Organization for Professional Association Member, Institute of Environmental Professionals.

    Architect A. C. Liyanage

    Architect A. Chanakya Liyanage obtained his B.Sc (B.E.) Degree in University of Moratuwa Sri Lanka in 1980 and Joined Leading Private Consultancy Firms and involved as a Project Architect and handled "Nestle" Factory at Pannala and Colombo Internation Airport Redevelopment. He Joined Mahaweli Architectural Unit of MECA in 1983 and designed new towns and buildings in Karralliyadda, Girandurukotte, Welikanda. He obtained his Masters Degree in Architecture in 1988 from University of Moratuwa.

    He Joined Institute for Construction, Training & Building (ICTAD) in 1989 as an Assistant Director and served at CHPB, Training Division and Advisory Services division till 1998. He obtained his Charter in 1990 from SLIA and obtained P.G. Dip in Construction Project Management in 1989. He formed Design Consultant in 1990. Presently he is a Member of Institute of Project Managers Sri Lanka (IPMSL): Associate Member of Sri Lanka Institute of Project Managers (SLAPM); Life Member of Organisation of Professional Association (OPA); Chartered Environmentalist (IEPSL) and Immediate Past President of Lions Club of Battramulla and President Old Boys Association of St. Marys College Kegalle.

  • Main services:










  • Preperation of IEE, EIA and Grren Buildings

    Preparation of Initial Environmental Examinations (IEE) and Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA) for any type of developments in Sri Lanka as a requirement of the Central Environment Authority (CEA). Also involve in designing of Green Buildings to obtain green building certificates as set out in the Green Building Council of Sri Lanka (GBCSL)

  • Contract Administration

    Provide site staff for inspection, prepare briefs, appoint and co-ordinate Consultants, Construction Managers, agents and Contractors, monitor time, cost and quality of agreed limits, monitor progress of the work, handover the building on completion equip, commission and set up any operational organizations, prepare a program for the maintenance of a building, arrange maintenance contracts.

  • Interior / Landscaping Designs

    Based on basic Architectural designs prepare & submit detail interiors and landscape works on a agreed fee beyond the Architect's basic services.

  • Quantity Surveying

    Budget estimating cost Planning, advise on tendering procedures & contract arrangement. Prepare tender documents for main contract and specialized sub contracts. Tender evaluation and submit a report to Client recommending successful Tenderer. Prepare periodic assessments of anticipated final cost and reporting the Client, prepare recommendations for interim payments Value variation orders, prepare final payment. Prepare Final accounts, advise on release of retention & issue of final certificate.

  • Mep

    Consortium services other than structural which consists of designing on the mechanical, electrical and plumbing is very vital to achieve the quality of the end product. Undertaking of total Consortium consultancy services easy the Client's responsibilities and save time and cost to the Client.

  • Specialised Consultancy Services

    Environment Related Projects

    Our sister company "ECO MANAGEMNT CONSULTANTS" undertakes the preparation of Environment Impact Assessment (EIA); Designing of Green Buildings, Eco Projects etc for any type of development headed by the Team Leader A C Liyanage who is a Chartered Environmentalist cum Chartered Architect (refer web link: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

    Urban planning

    Specialized Consultancy services consists of urban planning by the professionally qualified Urban Planners within the team of the Design Consultant. Undertakes Town Planning, preparation of Master Plans, zoning plans, preparation of architectural models of same.

    Project Management

    Our sister company "CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT CONSULTANTS" undertakes the total Project Management using latest planning and monitoring software to complete the projects effectively and efficiently to the satisfaction of the Clients achieving the best quality, cost within the given time headed by the Team Leader A C Liyanage who is a qualified Project Management in addition to the Chartered Environmentalist cum Architect qualifications (refer web link: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

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    The Architect's basic services do not include the structural Engineering, where such consultancy services are provided from within the Architect's own office or by Consultants in association with the Architect, it is recommended that consortium consultancy fees be in accordance with the scales of charges of the relevant professional body. Investigate site conditions and constraints Advise the consultant on geodetic Surveys, Geotechnical Investigations and other special tests. Complete structural drawings, prepare specifications on materials and special construction details, provide information for Bill of Quantities advise on the preparation of contract documents..

    Assist the Client/Consultant on pre-qualification of contractors and tender evaluation supervision and monitor progress of work, safety measures, quality control and testing, advise the consultant on matters related to the monitoring of Budget, variation Orders, Extra works and payment certificates, defects survey upon practical completion, final inspection upon practical completion

  • Architectural

    Analyze the Client's requirement, prepare outline proposals and an approximation of the probable construction cost for the Client's primary approval, based on current area, volume or other unit cost., develop a schematic design from the outline proposal given, probable construction cost estimate, an indication of possible start and completion date. Assist the owner regarding application for preliminary planning permission to the UDA. Detail designs, construction type, quality of material co-ordinate with specialized consultants, contractors and suppliers, production information such as drawings, schedules and specifications etc.

  • Inception / Feasibility

    Discuss the Client's requirements, visit the site and carry out initial appraisal, advice on the need of other Consultants' services, need for specialist contractors. Site staff, outline timetable and fee basis for further services for the Client's approval, carry out investigations, construction approaches and cost implications; advise on the need to obtain planning permissions and other similar statutory requirements. Co ordinate the works of Land Surveyors and Soil Investigation experts

  • How to use the Green Calculator

    Based on the Client's requirements and the rating parameters given in the 3rd column you are required to insert the achieved rating in the 4th Column against the maximum allocation. Once you enter the mark (number) it automatically calculates and indicate in the Main summary which gives the totals ranking. So you can get a self assessed rating of the proposed green building of gold, silver etc.

  • Head Office:

    Design Consultant
    No 40/5A, Perera Mawatha, Pelawatte,
    Battaramulla, Srilanka

    Tel: +94 11 278 6834
    Mobile : +94 77 307 4479
    Fax: +94 11 278 4111
    Skype: acliyanage

    Registered Office

    No. 16, Rockhill

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  • Eco Team

    • Archt. A.C. Liyanage
      Chartered Environmentalist
      Team Leader
    • Archt.G.A.P.Ganepola
      Chartered Architech
    • Eng. (Dr) Udaya Dissanayaka
      Chartered Engineer (Structural)
    • Eng. Deeptha Senanayaka
      Chartered Engineer (Civil)
    • Mr R A P Rohana
      Quantity Surveyor
    • Eng. R T S Senanayaka
      Electrical Engineer
    • Eng. Saman Wijesiri
      Chartered Mechanicl Engineer
    • Eng. Nimal Perera
      Plumbing Engineer
    • Eng. P J B Lenadora
      Chartered Engineer (Highways)
    • Mrs. Janaki Hettiarchchi
      Chartered Town Planner
    • Eng. Sarath Dissanayaka
      Project Manager
    • Eng. Anura Disanayake
      Information Technologist
    • Eng. Atula Seneviratne
      Telecommunication Engineer
    • Dr. H A H Jayasena
      Senior Geologists, Environmentalist
      & Hydrologists
    • Dr. Wasantha Siriwardena
      Solid & Waste Water Engineer
    • Eng. K.M.M. Khaleel
      Sewerage Engineer
    • Eng. D.M.S. S. Dassanayake
      Water Supply Engineer
    • Prof. M J S Wijeratna
    • Prof. A A Y Amarasinghe
    • Dr S T C Amarasinghe
    • Mr Ananda Dissanayaka
  • Preperation of IEE, EIA and Green Buildings

    Preparation of Initial Environmental Examinations (IEE) and Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA) for any type of developments in Sri Lanka as a requirement of the Central Environment Authority (CEA). Also involve in designing of Green Buildings to obtain green building certificates as set out in the Green Building Council of Sri Lanka (GBCSL)

  • Sustainable Master Plan for Sabaragamuwa Univrsity

    Archt A C Liyanage prepared the Master plan having considering the terrain of the site contours, existing structures, vegetation and trees, geological aspects, environmental and social issues etc. Although it was not a requirement to obtain approval from the local authorities (Embulpe Pradesiya Sabha) the Master plan and other building plans were designed to suit the Urban Development Authority (UDA) guide lines and advises obtained from the Colombo Fire Department for fire regulations.

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  • Sustainable Master Plan for Sabaragamuwa Univrsity

    The concept was to give the students priority while maintaining a serene and pollution free environment. Thus Architect could achieve the concept by focusing the large existing trees at the center point which is also the center of the development by providing the students center (common gathering place) around the tree for a calm and relaxed environment. An axis was formed starting from the tree along the main axis of the playground (longitudinally) while due consideration is give for the sun path of east and west direction.

    The outer vehicular access roads were provided while creating main spaces inter connected with pedestrian foot paths for students to avoid air and notice pollution thus preserving the existing trees and shrubs with the more open spaces.

    The provision for vehicular access for individual buildings were considered from the outer of the building to minimize the vehicles crossing the pedestrian paths when detailing the individual buildings.

    Provision for a Cycle track was given opposite side of the pedestrian path of the main ring road to avoid any conflicts.

    The pavilion of the playground and the Gymnasium was inter connected underground to avoid vehicular movement crossing at the entry to the pavilion and gymnasium exit point.

    With the latest development of incorporating the Buildings form time to time such as buildings for Faculty of Management studies, Faculty of Social Sciences and Languages, Administration, Playground and Pavilion, IT center, Cafeteria for 500 students, Faculty of Applied Sciences within the premises was a very difficult task.

    Due consideration even for future building such as Library building Gymnasium and Auditorium etc when updating the Master Plan up to the last award of the Faculty of Applied Science building in the year 2006,

    A geological investigation and the latest contour plans done before finalizing the setting out of the building to minimize the cutting and filling of the land to maintain the natural terrain to minimize possible disturbances.